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Career Guide

A guide for students surrounding careers, from where to look, to resumes, to job applications and interviews.

Scholarships with Peterson's

Coins spilling out of jarAn essential part of figuring out what college you'd like to go to is finding scholarships. We know school can be expensive, so finding the right scholarship(s) can sometimes be the key to affording your dream school. Here at Columbia State, you can apply for the work study program that we offer!

Outside of our college, there are tons of scholarships available. While the school you're applying to may offer some financial assistance based on your application, merit, and financial need, it is always worth your time to apply for scholarships from outside of the school as well. Peterson's has a lot of awesome information on how to do that on their College and Scholarship Search and Graduate School and Scholarship Search pages. We recommend taking a look at these links;

Scholarships with the Library

The library also has some great resources on scholarships that we would recommend taking a look at!

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