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Career Guide

A guide for students surrounding careers, from where to look, to resumes, to job applications and interviews.

College Planning with Peterson's

Peterson's has several awesome pages to help you decide on a school once you've graduated from Columbia State. The first is the College Planning Center. This page has info on everything from choosing a college, standardized tests, financial aid, and a ton more. We specifically recommend these pages for you;

Another place to look that Peterson's offers is the College and Scholarship Search page. This page offers a lot more than just help with finding a school, but it has some great resources for that search. It even has some career specific search options, which we love. In particular, we recommend these;

One other planning site we recommend is CollegeSource Online. This site offers a huge digital catalog of colleges with their institution profiles, transcript keys, and a bunch of other resources to explore. It even lets you define if you'd like to search for colleges just in the US or if you'd like to include ones abroad!

Career Planning with Columbia State and the Library

In addition to Peterson's, Columbia State has a Career Development and Choice-of-Major Resources center. This page covers a lot of material, including things we'll talk about in the next tabs, but at this stage we would recommend the following resources;

If you're looking for some more in depth resources, the library has you covered! Here are some of the items on college planning that we have in our catalogue;

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