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A guide for students surrounding careers, from where to look, to resumes, to job applications and interviews.

Interviewing Resources, Tips, and Tricks with Peterson's

One of the last steps in any job hunt is the interview. The interview stage is often nerve wracking for a lot of people, especially when they don't have much experience. Something to keep in mind though, if a company is hiring and has called you in to interview with them, they want you to be a good fit for the position just as much as you do. Another thing to be aware of is that you're not the only one being interviewed; you're also interviewing the place you would like to work to make sure it fits your needs. This is why it's always suggested to have questions to ask your interviewers, too. Not only will this help you determine if you'd actually like to work there, but it lets the employer know that you're serious about making a good fit, rather than just finding (and potentially quickly leaving) the first place to offer you a position.

With that said here are some resources from Peterson's on the interview process;

Interviewing Resources, Tips, and Tricks with the Library

The library also has some really helpful resources on interviewing that we encourage you to read or watch;




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