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Career Guide

A guide for students surrounding careers, from where to look, to resumes, to job applications and interviews.

Starting the Search

For a lot of careers, the first step is figuring out what you'll need to go to school for and what schools fit that path best.

Here at Columbia State, we have so many awesome academic programs for you to chose from. If you're a student here, your advisor is a great resource for you to help you figure out what program fits your career goals best. Remember, whether you're undecided or have already picked a program, you're able to change programs or majors in the case that inspiration strikes and you have a change of heart.

But what about once you've graduated from here? For some of you, your degree or certificate means you can go straight into the job market! To find information on starting that process, you can jump right to the Finding a Career tab. For others, this might be the first step in your higher education career. If that is the case, let us present you with all of our school finding resources!

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