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Career Guide

A guide for students surrounding careers, from where to look, to resumes, to job applications and interviews.

How to Job Hunt with Peterson's

Once you've got your résumé, it's time to start using it to apply for positions in your chosen career field. With most job hunting happening online, there are an abundance of sites that you can use to search for jobs. While it's never a bad idea to conduct searches on those more general sites, we also recommend finding career specific job boards as well! For example, a librarian might find positions listed on Indeed or WayUp, but the American Library Association's job board is going to have a lot more specific job postings for that field. There are also state specific job boards for people wanting to make sure they stay in a specific area. Peterson's has several different resources to help, such as;

Job Hunting Sites

Need some examples of sites you can find job postings on? Try a few of these!

How to Job Hunt with Columbia State and the Library

Here at Columbia State, our Career Development department has some awesome tools and tips for this process;

The library has a wealth of resources you can use when starting that job hunt as well. Take a look at these!



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