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Design and Designers Research Guide

A bibliography on several aspects of design, including fashion, architecture, and graphic design and designers.

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Graphic Design Journals

Here is a list of journals on graphic design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Graphic Design Articles

Here is a list of articles on graphic design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Burns, J., Corazzo, J., Hardie, K., Harland, R., & Raven, D. (2015). Graphic Design Educators’ Network: Re-establishing the purpose and value of a graphic design subject association. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, 14(2), 199–205.

This article discusses the new Graphic Design Educators’ Network and what it is and does.

Diomede, D., Murchie, K. J. (2020). Fundamentals of graphic design—essential tools for effective visual science communication. FACETS, 5(2), 409-422.

            This article illustrates some best practices for graphic design.

Giloi, S., & Belluigi, D. Z. (2017). Underlying knowledge-knower structures in graphic design: Contributing to establishing a cohesive language for use in graphic design education. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, 16(1), 7–22.

            This article looks to help define the language used in graphic design, so as to create a more easily understood and better researched field.

Kač Nemanič, M. (2019). Students’ Attitudes towards Didactic Characteristics in Graphic Design Classes . Revija Za Elementarno Izobraževanje, 2, 199–214.

            This article studies students’ attitudes towards didactic characteristics of graphic design classes.

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