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Design and Designers Research Guide

A bibliography on several aspects of design, including fashion, architecture, and graphic design and designers.

Articles about Designers

Here is a list of articles on designers that can get you started in researching topics in that field.


Choi, Y.-H., Yoon, S., Xuan, B., Lee, S.-Y. T., & Lee, K.-H. (2021). Fashion informatics of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks using topic modeling and sentiment analysis. Fashion and Textiles, 8(1), NA.

            This is a quantitative analysis of customer sentiments about fashion brands showing during fashion week, based on data gathered from social media, meant to provide insight on how brands might improve their marketing.

Overdiek, A. (2016). Fashion designers and their business partners: juggling creativity and commerce. International Journal of Fashion Studies, 3(1), 27+.

              This article discusses the partnership between designers and the business professionals that manage their businesses, noting what practices have shown to work best.

Parkins, I., & Haworth, L. (2012). The public time of private space in Dior by Dior. Biography, 35(4), 668+.

            This article discusses the life of Christian Dior, noting the differences between his private and public personas.

Vera Wang

Volume 7 # 9, in videofashion specials, videofashion specials. Charney, N. H. (Director). (2016, Jan 01).[Video/DVD] Retrieved from

This issue of Videofashion Specials features Diane Von Furstenberg, Marchesa, Ivanka Trump’s jewelry collection, Carla Brundi’s fashion, Missoni, Alberta Ferrertti, Doori Chung, and Vera Wang.

Cavendish, K. (2018). Ice Queen. Selvedge, 82, 22–25.

            This article discusses Vera Wang and her impact on the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren

Smith, P. (2012). L'art de l'automobile, chefs-d'oeuvre de la collection Ralph Lauren. Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, 2(1), 147+.

            This is an article discussing the extensive car collection of Ralph Lauren, which was made into an art exhibition.

Mark Ryden

Kofoed, K. (2005). Mark Ryden at the Frye Art Museum. Artweek, 36(2), 24–32.

            This is a review of Ryden’s “Mark Ryden: Wondertoonel” exhibition.

Siphron, C. (2003). Mark Ryden at Earl McGrath Gallery. Artweek, 34(5), 20–21.

This is a review of Ryden’s “Blood: Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear” exhibition.

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