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Design and Designers Research Guide

A bibliography on several aspects of design, including fashion, architecture, and graphic design and designers.

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Furniture Design Journals

Here is a list of journals on furniture design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Furniture Design Articles

Here is a list of articles on furniture design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Cinar, H. (2005, November). Eco-design and furniture: environmental impacts of wood-based panels, surface and edge finishes. Forest Products Journal, 55(11), 27+.

            This paper talks about the environmental impact of furniture design and analyses the impact of several types of wood-based furniture.

Muscu, I., & Cionca, M. C. (2011). An expressive-functional analysis of the relation between color and general form applied in storage furniture design. Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings, 1527+.

            This paper discusses a theoretical method for color composition in furniture design.

Szökeová, S., Fictum, L., Simek, M., Sobotkova, A., Hrabec, M., & Domljan, D. (2021). First and Second Phase of Human Centered Design Method in Design of Exterior Seating Furniture /Prve dvije faze dizajniranja vanjskog namjestaja primjenom metode dizajna usmjerene prema korisniku. Drvna Industrija, 72(3), 291+.

            This article discusses human-centered furniture design and outdoor furniture.

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