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Design and Designers Research Guide

A bibliography on several aspects of design, including fashion, architecture, and graphic design and designers.

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Fashion Design Journals

Here is a list of journals on fashion and clothing design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Fashion Design Articles

Here is a list of articles on fashion and clothing design that can get you started in researching topics in that field.

Chun-yoon, J., & Jasper, C. R. (1995). Consumer preferences for size description systems of men's and women's apparel. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 29(2), 429+.

            This study investigates how consumers prefer for clothing sizes to be described.

Jeong, Y., & Sohn, C.-B. (2020). Readily Design and Try-On Garments by Manipulating Segmentation Images. Electronics [Basel], 9(9), 1HL+.

            This article details how artificial intelligence is being used to help consumers visualize clothing styling, using segmented images that are put together to change clothes and put outfits together.

Monti, G., & Sargentini, M. (2018). Exploring the boundaries between theory and practice in Fashion design at IUAV University of Venice: The case of U/U/U/. International Journal of Fashion Studies, 5(1), 181+.

            This article studies a new, evolving method of teaching fashion design and the capsule collection that resulted from this new program.

Song, C. (2016). System development and realization of computer-aided clothing remote design. RISTI [Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao], (E9), 1+.

            This is a study on the clothing design network and using a computer clothing design system to design clothing.

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