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Theatre Research Guide

A research guide designed for theatre students.



Theatre at Columbia State

TTP: A.A./A.S.

Art isn't easy. Successful writers, actors and musicians get where they are with hard work and training. At Columbia State, we can help you take those first steps toward a career on stage (or behind the scenes).


 For more information about the program at Columbia State please visit their website

Finding Theatre Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification & Relevant Subject Headings

  • Class PN: Theatre
    • PN2061 - PN2071: Art of Acting
    • PN2085 - PN2091: The Stage and Accessories
    • PN2131 - PN2193: Theatre by Period
      • PN2131 - PN2145: Ancient
      • PN2152 - PN2160: Medieval 
      • PN2171 - PN2179: Renaissance 
      • PN2181 - PN2193: Modern
    • PN2219.3 - PN3030: Special Regions or Countries
    • PN3035: The Jewish Theatre
    • PN3151 - PN3171: Amateur Theatre
    • PN3175 - PN3191: College and School Theatricals 

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