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Public Relations Research Guide

A research guide for public relations students.



Public Relations at Columbia State


Virtually every business, organization or group that deals wit the public has need of professions to help hone and communicate its message. At Columbia State, the Public Relations emphasis will equip you with the tools you need to pursue first a bachelor's degree and then a career in the field.

Finding Public Relations Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass HD
    • HD59-59.6 Public relations. Industrial publicity
  • Subclass HM
    • HM(1)-1281 Sociology 
    • HM435-477 History of sociology. History of sociological theory
    • HM461-473 Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought
    • HM481-554 Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects
    • HM621-656 Culture
    • HM661-696 Social control
    • HM701 Social systems
    • HM706 Social structure
    • HM711-806 Groups and organizations
    • HM756-781 Community
    • HM786-806 Organizational sociology. Organization theory
    • HM811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance
    • HM826 Social institutions
    • HM831-901 Social change
    • HM1001-1281 Social psychology
    • HM1041-1101 Social perception. Social cognition Including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype
    • HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior
    • HM1176-1281 Social influence. Social pressure
  • Subclass P
    • P1-1091 Philology. Linguistics
    • P1-85 General
    • P87-96 Communication. Mass media
    • P94.7 Interpersonal communication
    • P95-95.6 Oral communication. Speech
    • P98-98.5 Computational linguistics. Natural language processing
    • P99-99.4 Semiotics. Signs and symbols
    • P99.5-99.6 Nonverbal communication
    • P101-410 Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar
    • P118-118.75 Language acquisition
    • P121-149 Science of language (Linguistics)
    • P201-299 Comparative grammar
    • P301-301.5 Style. Composition. Rhetoric
    • P302-302.87 Discourse analysis
    • P306-310 Translating and interpreting
    • P321-324.5 Etymology
    • P325-325.5 Semantics
    • P326-326.5 Lexicology
    • P327-327.5 Lexicography
    • P375-381 Linguistic geography
    • P501-769 Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) philology
    • P901-1091 Extinct ancient or medieval languages

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