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Pre-Health Research Guide

A research guide for students studying dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, and veterinary medicine.



Pre-Health Professions at Columbia State


Want to be a dentist? A veterinarian? A medical doctor? The path to a number of health-related professional schools starts here! Students pursuing careers in pharmacy may go directly from Columbia State to pharmacy school. (Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinarian & Pre-Optometry students will need additional course work at a university.)

Finding Pre-Health Profession Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification & Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass R
    • R5-920 Medicine (General)
    • R5-130.5 General works
    • R131-687 History of medicine. Medical expeditions
    • R690-697 Medicine as a profession. Physicians
    • R702-703 Medicine and the humanities. Medicine and disease in relation to history, literature, etc.
    • R711-713.97 Directories
    • R722-722.32 Missionary medicine. Medical missionaries
    • R723-726 Medical philosophy. Medical ethics
    • R726.5-726.8 Medicine and disease in relation to psychology. Terminal care. Dying
    • R727-727.5 Medical personnel and the public. Physician and the public
    • R728-733 Practice of medicine. Medical practice economics
    • R735-854 Medical education. Medical schools. Research
    • R855-855.5 Medical technology
    • R856-857 Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation
    • R858-859.7 Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics
    • R864 Medical records
    • R895-920 Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine

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