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Music Research Guide

A research guide for music students.



Music at Columbia State


Columbia State’s Associate of Fine Arts degree provides students with a broad liberal arts education and the skills necessary to explore music through its history, composition, theory and performance.

Students on the Tennessee Transfer Pathway may choose from two areas of emphasis: (1) instrumental education and performance, or (2) choral/vocal education and performance.

Finding Music Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass M
    • M1-5000 Music
    • M1-1.A15 Music printed or copied in manuscript in the United States or the colonies before 1860
    • M1.A5-3.3 Collections
    • M1.A5-Z Miscellaneous
    • M2-2.3 Musical sources
    • M3-3.3 Collected works of individual composers
    • M5-1480 Instrumental music
    • M5 Collections
    • M6-175.5 One solo instrument
    • M176 Motion picture music
    • M176.5 Radio and television music
    • M177-990 Two or more solo instruments
    • M1000-1075 Orchestra
    • M1100-1160 String orchestra
    • M1200-1270 Band
    • M1350-1366 Other ensembles
    • M1375-1420 Instrumental music for children
    • M1470-1480 Aleatory music. Electronic music. Mixed media
    • M1490 Music printed or copied in manuscript before 1700
    • M1495-2199 Vocal music
    • M1495 Collections
    • M1497-1998 Secular vocal music
    • M1497 Collections
    • M1500-1527.8 Dramatic music
    • M1528-1529.5 Two or more solo voices
    • M1530-1609 Choruses
    • M1611-1624.8 One solo voice
    • M1625-1626 Recitations with music
    • M1627-1853 Folk, national and ethnic music
    • M1900-1985 Songs of specific groups or on specific topics
    • M1990-1998 Secular vocal music for children
    • M1999-2199 Sacred vocal music
    • M1999 Collections
    • M2000-2007 Dramatic music
    • M2010-2017.6 Choral services, etc.
    • M2018-2019.5 Two or more solo voices
    • M2020-2101.5 Choruses
    • M2102-2114.8 One solo voice
    • M2115-2146 Hymnals. Hymn collections
    • M2147-2188 Liturgy and ritual
    • M2190-2196 Sacred vocal music for children
    • M2198-2199 Popular religious and devotional music
    • M5000 Unidentified compositions

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