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Medical Informatics Research Guide

A research guide for medical informatics subjects and courses



Medical Informatics at Columbia State

The Associate of Applied Science in Medical Informatics prepares graduates for career entry into technical computer application positions in the healthcare industry. Students’ develop technical and non-technical communication skills, gain knowledge of healthcare software applications/computer systems, the legal aspects of medical office technologies, and the nuances of electronic medical record keeping, reimbursement, and billing practices. The Developer option emphasizes health information management through the information technology environment. The Technician option integrates healthcare and information technology. The Medical Coder option focuses on assignment of inpatient and outpatient medical diagnosis and procedure codes and prepares students to be eligible for medical coding certifications. For more information, please visit the program's website

Finding Medical Technology Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification & Relevant Subject Headings

  • Class R: Medicine
    • R735 - R854: Medical Education. Medical Schools. Research. 
    • R855 - R855.5: Medical Technology. 
    • R856 - R857: Biomedical engineering. Electornics. Instrumentation. 
    • R858 - R859.7: Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics. 
    • R864: Medical Records 
    • R895 - R920: Medical physics. Medical Radiology. Nuclear Medicine. 

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