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Kinesiology Research Guide

A research guide for students of kinesiology.



Kinesiology at Columbia State


Kinesiology emphasis is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year school. Students can pursue careers in areas of Rehabilitation, Exercise Science, Personal Training, Athletic Training, and Research

Finding Kinesiology Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass GV
    • GV201-555 Physical education and training
    • GV346-351.5 School and college athletics. Intramural and interscholastic athletics GV401-433 Physical education facilities. Sports facilities Including gymnasiums, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.
    • GV435-436.7 Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
    • GV460-555 Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises Including calisthenics, heavy exercises, acrobatics, etc.
    • GV557-1198.995 Sports
    • GV711 Coaching
    • GV712-725 Athletic contests. Sports events
    • GV1060.5-1098 Track and field athletics
    • GV1100-1150.9 Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
    • GV1195-1198.995 Wrestling
  • Subclass RC
    • RC1200-1245 Sports medicine

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