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International Affairs Research Guide

A research guide for students studying international affairs.



International Affairs at Columbia State


The International Affairs emphasis is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor's degree at a four-year school. Students can pursue careers in the area of Politician, City Planner, Sociologist, Economist and Market Research Analyst.

Finding International Affairs Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass JZ
    • JZ5-6530 International relations
    • JZ5.5-18 Periodicals
    • JZ24-38 Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for the study of international relations
    • JZ63-1153 Sources
    • JZ221-1153 By region or country
    • JZ1249-1254 Relation to other disciplines and topics
    • JZ1305-2060 Scope of international relations. Political theory. Diplomacy
    • JZ1329.5-1395 By period
    • JZ1400-1454 Diplomatic and consular service
    • JZ1464-2060 Scope of international relations with regard to countries, territories, regions, etc.
    • JZ3674-3875 State territory and its parts
    • JZ3685 Boundaries
    • JZ3686-3875 International waters
    • JZ4835-5490 International organizations and associations
    • JZ4841-4848 Political non-governmental organizations. NGOs
    • JZ4850-5490 Intergovernmental organizations. IGOs
    • JZ4853-4934 League of Nations
    • JZ4935-5160 United Nations
    • JZ5511.2-6300 Promotion of peace. Peaceful change
    • JZ5514-5526 Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for peace promotion, research and education
    • JZ5527-5532 Congresses and conferences
    • JZ5587-6009 International security. Disarmament. Global survival
    • JZ6010-6060 Pacific settlement of international disputes
    • JZ6360-6377 Non-military coercion
    • JZ6385-6405 The armed conflict. War and order
    • JZ6422-6422.5 Neutrality. Non-participation in wars. Norms of neutrality
    • JZ6530 Humanitarian aspects of war

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