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Graphic Design Research Guide

A research guide for students studying graphic design.



Graphic Design at Columbia State



No matter the medium, there's always a need for things to look good. In traditional and digital publishing, as well as in a host of other areas, that means a need for people who can create visual solutions for the common - and uncommon - communication problems besetting today's businesses.

Finding Graphic Design Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass NC
    • NC1-1940 Drawing. Design. Illustration
    • NC1-45 General Including collective biography
    • NC50-266 History of drawing
    • NC390-670 Study and teaching
    • NC673-677 Competitions
    • NC703-725 General works
    • NC730-758 Technique
    • NC760-825 Special subjects
    • NC845-915 Graphic art materials
    • NC930 Conservation and restoration of drawings
    • NC950-(996) Illustration
    • NC997-1003 Commercial art. Advertising art
    • NC1280-1284 Printed ephemera. Imagerie populaire
    • NC1300-1766 Pictorial humor, caricature, etc.
    • NC1800-1850 Posters
    • NC1860-1896 Greeting cards, postcards, invitations, book jackets, etc.
    • NC1920-1940 Copying, enlarging, and reduction of drawings

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