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Exercise Science Research Guide

A research guide for students studying exercise science.



Exercise Science at Columbia State


The Exercise Science emphasis is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year school. Students can pursue careers in area of Athletics and Wellness, Teachers of Physical Education, Personal Trainers, Dietitians and Athletic Trainers.

Finding Exercise Science Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass GV
    • GV201-555 Physical education and training
    • GV346-351.5 School and college athletics. Intramural and interscholastic athletics GV401-433 Physical education facilities. Sports facilities Including gymnasiums, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.
    • GV435-436.7 Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
    • GV450-451.4 Nudism. Sunbathing
    • GV460-555 Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises Including calisthenics, heavy exercises, acrobatics, etc.
    • GV557-1198.995 Sports
    • GV711 Coaching
    • GV712-725 Athletic contests. Sports events
    • GV733-734.5 Professionalism in sports. Professional sports (General)
    • GV735 Umpires. Sports officiating
    • GV743-749 Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.
    • GV750-770.27 Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying, bungee jumping, etc.
    • GV770.3-840 Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba diving, etc.
    • GV840.7-857 Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding, snowmobiling, etc.
    • GV861-1017 Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.
    • GV1020-1034 Automobile travel. Motoring. Automobile racing
    • GV1040-1060.4 Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling
    • GV1060.5-1098 Track and field athletics
    • GV1100-1150.9 Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
    • GV1151-1190 Shooting. Archery
    • GV1195-1198.995 Wrestling

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