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Accounting Research Guide

A research guide for accounting students.



Accounting at Columbia State


Accurate accounting is a key component of any successful business. Columbia State's two-year program represents the first step toward a career in accounting, auditing or finance.

Finding Accounting and Finance Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass HF
    • HF5601-5689: Accounting. Bookkeeping Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic Including tables, etc. Business communication Including business report writing, business correspondence
    • HF5735-5746 Business records management
    • HF5761-5780 Shipment of goods. Delivery of goods
    • HF5801-6182 Advertising
  • Subclass HG
    • HG1-9999 Finance
    • HG178 Liquidity
    • HG179 Personal finance
    • HG201-1496 Money
    • HG258-312 Precious metals. Bullion
    • HG315 Small coins
    • HG321-329 Mints. Assaying
    • HG335-339 Counterfeiting
    • HG348-353.5 Paper money
    • HG361-363 Legal tender
    • HG381-395 International coinage
    • HG401-421 Bimetallism
    • HG451-1496 By region or country
    • HG1501-3550 Banking
    • HG1621-1638 Interest rates. Interest tables
    • HG1641-1643 Bank loans. Bank credit. Commercial loans

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