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Sketching and Drawing Research Guide

A research guide designed to help students find resources for artistic drawing.

About This Guide

Did you know that drawing is one of the oldest forms to show human expressions?

According to, drawing is used to help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

This guide is designed to support the research and learning needs of drawing and sketching. Here, you'll find resources for:

  • Sketching for Beginners
  • Basics in Sketching and Drawing
  • Materials to use
  • Advanced drawing
  • Artist's eye

If you have suggestions for other resources, please let us know!

Where to Find Books about Drawing

Looking for print books and prefer to browse the shelves? CSCC Library uses the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system to organize our books. The LCC system uses multiple layers of subject categories, as well as author information, and codes the information with letters and numbers. For more information, take a look at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Class N: Fine Arts

  • N1 - N9211: Visual Arts
  • NC1 - NC1940: Drawing, Design, and Illustration
    • NC1 - NC45: General (Including Collective Biography)
    • NC50 - NC266: History of Drawing
    • NC390 - NC670: Study and Teaching
    • NC673 - NC677: Competitions
    • NC703 - NC725: General Works
    • NC730 - NC758: Technique
    • NC760 - NC825: Special Subjects
    • NC845 - NC915: Graphic Art Materials
    • NC930: Conservation and Restoration of Drawings
    • NC950 - NC996: Illustration
    • NC997 - NC1003: Commercial Art, Advertising Art
    • NC1280 - NC1284: Printed Ephemera, Imagerie Populaire
    • NC1300 - NC1766: Pictorial Humor, Caricature, etc.
    • NC1800 - NC1850: Posters
    • NC1860 - NC1896: Greeting Cards, Postcards, Invitations, Book Jackets, etc.
    • NC1920 - NC1940: Copying, Enlarging, and Reduction of Drawings
  • NX: Arts in general

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