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Engineering Systems Technology Research Guide

A research guide for the Engineering Systems Technology courses.



Engineering Systems Technology at Columbia State

The Engineering Systems Technology program at Columbia State has state-of-the-art, world class training equipment that helps provide students with the skills needed to work with complex synchronized piece of equipment. For more information about the program at Columbia State please visit their website

Finding Engineering Systems Technology Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Class T: Technology
    • T55.4 - T60.8: Industrial Engineering. Management Engineering. 
      • T57 - T57.97: Applied Mathematics. Quantitative Methods. 
      • T57.6 - T57.97: Operations Research. Systems Analysis. 
      • T58.4: Managerial Control Systems. 
      • T58.5 - T58.64: Information Technology
      • T58.6 - T58.62: Management Information Systems. 
      • T58.7 - T58.8: Production Capacity. Manufacturing Capacity. 
      • T59 - T59.2: Standardization 
      • T59.5: Automation 
      • T59.7 - T59.77: Human Engineering in Industry. Man-Machine Systems. 
      • T60 - T60.8: Work Measurement. Methods Engineering. 
    • T175 - T178: Industrial Research. Research and Development. 
    • T351 - T385: Mechanical Drawing. Engineering Graphics. 
    • TA1 - TA2040: Engineering (General). Civil Engineering (General). 
      • TA165: Engineering Instruments, Meters, Etc. Industrial Instrumentation. 
      • TA168: Systems Engineering. 
      • TA190 - TA194: Management of Engineering Works. 
      • TA213 - TA215: Engineering Machinery, Tools, & Implements. 
      • TA3294 - TA348: Engineering Mathematics. Engineering Analysis. 
      • TA349 - TA359: Mechanics of Engineering. Applied Mechanics. 
    • TD1 - TD1066: Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering. 
      • TD159- TD168: Municipal Engineering. 
    • TE1 - TE450: Highway Engineering. Roads and Pavements. 
      • ​​​​​​​TE206 - TE209.5: Location Engineering. 
    • TJ1 - TJ1570: Mechanical Engineering and Machinery. 
      • ​​​​​​​TJ210.2 - TJ211.47: Mechanical Devices and Figures. Automata. Ingenious Mechanisms. Robots (General). 
      • TJ212 - TJ225: Control Engineering Systems. Automatic Machinery (General). ​​​​​​​
    • TK1 - TK9971: Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering. 
      • TK301 - TK399: Electric Meters. 
      • TK452 - TK454.4: Electric Apparatus and Materials. Electric Circuits. Electric Networks. 
      • TK1001 - TK1841: Production of Electric Energy or Power. Powerplants. Central Stations. 
      • TK2000 - TK2891: Dynamoelectric Machinery and Auxiliaries Including: Generators, Motors, & Transformers. 
      • TK2896 - TK2985: Production of Electricity by Direct Energy Conversion. 
      • TK3001 - TK3521: Distribution or Transmission of Electric Power. 
      • TK4001 - TK4102: Applications of Electric Power. 

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