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film22: Cinema Scenes

this guide provides materials related to columbia state's cinema scenes free text in film. materials here will help students understand film, its history, ideologies and formats.

unit one

Cinema scenes is composed of 40 chapters that attempt to cover the history and development of the film is ongoing project just as film is an ongoing project.

The first unit

Unit one: preface chapters one through seven discusses film beginnings

the link to power points of this material is here:

great train robbery poster 1903

unit two

the second unit of the class covers chapters eight through thirteen and discusses chaplin and the growth of world cinema and the transition to sound film.

Unit two: powerpoint two covering chapters eight to thirteen

einstein and chaplin in evening wear

unit three

the third unit of the class covers the transition into the sound era the studio system, the noir period, international styles of cinema arising from

italy, japan, sweden, british, french film and powerful auteurs of the classica hollywood era and noir: orson welles and alfred hitchcock

Unit three: chapters fourteen through chapter twenty-four

poster for film noir raw deal 1948

unit four

unit four covers the modern era of film for the last sixty years starting with the sixties and seventies, technological film of the late century, late twentieth century foreign film, and the popular genre of horror

Unit four covers chapters twenty-five to twenty-nine

clint eastwood in for a few dollars more


unit five

the last powerpoint covers the growth of twenty-first century film style and formats and delves into the postmodern era of filmmaking

Unit five: Chapters thirty through forty cover modern auteurs like Lars von Trier, Tim Burton, diversity in modern cinema, notable contemporary films, sexuality in cinema, independent cinema and censorship.

actress meryl streep

esssay and objective exam questions for review

Objective and essay questions for Cinema Scenes

Attached is a list of essay and objective exam questions for review and study

The current list of objective exam questions and essay questions is a startng place for people in the class.



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