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Veterinary Technology Research Guide

A research guide for veterinary technology students.



Veterinary Technology at Columbia State


Columbia State’s degree in Veterinary Technology helps those students with a love for creatures great and small acquire the many skills needed to work with animals as a career.

A veterinary technician primarily functions as professional technical support to veterinarians, biomedical researchers and other scientists. Examples of responsibilities qualified veterinary technicians are educated to assume include clinical pathology, radiology, surgical assisting, office/hospital management and many more.

Interested applicants are encouraged to attend a Veterinary Technician program information session for an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the profession, the program, and the admission process.  Email to sign up for an individual or group information session.  Sessions are live, in-person, in the Health Sciences Building on the Columbia Campus.

Finding Veterinary Technology Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • SF600-1100 Veterinary medicine
    • SF756.5-769.5 Special preclinical sciences Including veterinary genetics, ethology, anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology
    • SF780.2-780.7 Veterinary microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology
    • SF780.9 Veterinary epidemiology. Epizootiology
    • SF781-809 Communicable diseases of animals (General)
    • SF810 Veterinary parasitology
    • SF810.5-810.7 Predatory animals and their control
    • SF811-909 Veterinary medicine of special organs, regions, and systems
    • SF910 Other diseases and conditions
    • SF910.5 Veterinary orthopedics
    • SF911-914.4 Veterinary surgery
    • SF914.3-914.4 Veterinary traumatology. Veterinary emergencies
    • SF914.5 Veterinary acupuncture
    • SF915-919.5 Veterinary pharmacology
    • SF925 Veterinary physical medicine
    • SF951-997.5 Diseases of special classes of animals

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