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Imaging Sciences Research Guide

A research guide for students studying Imaging Sciences



Imaging Sciences at Columbia State

(TTP: A.S.)

This two-year academic pathway is designed for students who intend to complete an Associate’s Degree and transfer directly to a 4-year institution to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Students who complete the A.S. degree at Columbia State combined with upper division coursework at a 4-year institution will be eligible to apply for credentialing examinations and/or licensure.

Finding Medical Technology Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification & Relevant Subject Headings

  • Class R: Medicine
    • R735 - R854: Medical Education. Medical Schools. Research. 
    • R855 - R855.5: Medical Technology. 
    • R856 - R857: Biomedical engineering. Electornics. Instrumentation. 
    • R858 - R859.7: Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics. 
    • R864: Medical Records 
    • R895 - R920: Medical physics. Medical Radiology. Nuclear Medicine. 

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