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Geography Research Guide

A research guide for students studying geography.



Geography at Columbia State


The Geography emphasis is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor's degree at a four-year school. Students can pursue careers in many fields, including land use planning, computer mapping, social science research and teaching. Geography majors with advanced higher education can teach at the college levels.

Finding Geography Resources in the Library

Library of Congress Classification &

Relevant Subject Headings

  • Subclass G
    • G1-922 Geography (General)
    • G65-69 Geographers
    • G70-70.6 Philosophy. Relation to other topics. Methodology
    • G80-99 History of geography
    • G100.5-108.5 Toponymy Including gazetteers, geographic names and terms
    • G140 Great cities of the world
    • G141 Historical geography
    • G142 Aerial geography
    • G149-180 Travel. Voyages and travels (General)
    • G154.9-155.8 Travel and state. Tourism
    • G200-336 History of discoveries, explorations, and travel
    • G369-503 Special voyages and travels
    • G521-539 Adventures, shipwrecks, buried treasure, etc.
    • G540-550 Seafaring life, ocean travel, etc.
    • G575-890 Arctic and Antarctic regions
    • G905-910 Tropics (General)
    • G912-922 Northern and Southern Hemispheres
    • G1000-3122 Atlases
    • G1000-1000.5 Atlases of the moon, planets, etc.
    • G1001-1046 World atlases. Atlases of the Earth
    • G1050-1052 Northern and Southern Hemispheres
    • G1053 Tropics. Torrid Zone
    • G1054-1055 Polar regions. Frigid Zone
    • G1059-1061 Maritime atlases (General)
    • G1100-3102 By region or country
    • G1100-1779 America. Western Hemisphere
    • G1105-1692 North America
    • G1110-1114 Greenland
    • G1115-(1193) Canada
    • G1200-1534.24 United States
    • G1535-1537 Caribbean area
    • G1540-1542 Latin America (General)
    • G1545-1549 Mexico
    • G1550-(1594) Central America
    • G1600-1692 West Indies
    • G1700-1779 South America
    • G1780-2799 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc.
    • G1791-2196 Europe
    • G2110-2196 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire)
    • G2200-2444.84 Asia
    • G2445-2739 Africa
    • G2740-2799 Australasia
    • G2800-3064 Oceans (General)
    • G3100-3102 Antarctica
    • G3122 Atlases of imaginary, literary, and mythological regions, etc., A-Z
    • G3160-3171 Globes
    • G3180-9980 Maps
    • G3180-3182 Universe. Solar system
    • G3190-3191 Celestial maps
    • G3195-3197 Moon
    • G3200-3202 World. Earth
    • G3210-3221 Northern and Southern Hemispheres
    • G3240-3241 Tropics. Torrid Zone
    • G3250-3251 Temperate Zone
    • G3260-3272 Polar regions. Frigid Zone
    • G3290-9880 By region or country
    • G3290-5667 America. Western Hemisphere
    • G3300-5184 North America
    • G3380-3384 Greenland
    • G3400-(3612) Canada
    • G3700-4384 United States
    • G4390-4392 Caribbean area
    • G4410-4763 Mexico
    • G4800-4874 Central America
    • G4900-5184 West Indies
    • G5200-5667 South America
    • G5670-8904 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc.
    • G5700-7342 Europe
    • G7000-7342 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire)
    • G7400-8198.54 Asia
    • G8200-8904 Africa
    • G8950-9084 Australasia
    • G9095-9794 Oceans (General)
    • G9800-9804 Antarctica
    • G9900-9980 Unlocalized maps

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