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Electronic Commerce: The trading of goods and services on the internet.


What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is a method of buying and selling goods and services online. You can use e-commerce channels like your own website, and established selling website, or even social media.

According to Forbes global marketing compared to ground stores which are mainly limited to certain places, ecommerce websites allow you to reach customers everywhere. Although now even some ground locations do have online shopping it is limited. 

It is lower on operating costs since it is based online only you do not necessarily need to own or rent a new property to sell those items, some people just use their own homes for their business.

Forbes: What is Ecommerce?

Types of E-Commerce

Pros: Global Marketing Reach, lower operating costs, convenience and flexibility, and easier management. To summarize, it is easier to ship a product to the customers location without limit, advertising online is cheaper, e-commerce websites provide flexibility for the owners and customers. 

Cons: Some cons to having e-commerce is the limited face-to-face interaction, technical challenges like glitches and a website crash along with security, data security is a concern when trusting websites. 

To read more on the pros and cons, below is a link. 

Forbes: What is Ecommerce? 


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