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Humanities Research Guide

A research guide for humanities subjects and courses

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All-in-One Search: All Library Databases

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Looking for print books and prefer to browse the shelves? CSCC Library uses the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system to organize our books. The LCC system uses multiple layers of subject categories, as well as author information, and codes the information with letters and numbers. For more information, take a look at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Books for the humanities tend to be shelved in their more specific subjects, such as art, English, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theatre, and more.

For example:

  • Fine Arts: Most books about fine arts are in the N section. One example is N7430.5 .H96 2006 (The Objective Eye: Color, Form, and Reality in the Theory of Art by J. Hyman)
  • English: Most books about language and literature are in the P section, with books about literature in the PN section. One example is PS2638 .C33 2006 (The Cambridge Companion to Edgar Allan Poe by K. J . Hayes)
  • French language: Most books about French language are in the PC2001-3761 section. One example is ebook (The Oxford Business French Dictionary: French-English, English-French by M. Chalmers & M. Pierquin)
  • French literature: Most books about French literature are in the PQ1-3999 section. One example is PQ651 .S48 2004 (Masterpieces of French Literature by M. S. Severson)
  • German language: Most books about German language are in the PF3001-5999 section. One example is PF3640 .O943 2001 (The Oxford German Dictionary and Grammar edited by R. Morris & R. Sawers)
  • German literature: Most books about German literature are in the PT1-4897 section. One example is PT405 .C686 2005 (A Companion to the literature of German Expressionism by N. H. Donahue)
  • Spanish language: Most books about Spanish language are in the PC4001-4977 section. One example is PC4640 .B37 2001 (Beginner's Spanish Dictionary by HarperCollins)
  • Spanish literature: Most books about Spanish literature are in the PQ6001-8929 section. One example is PQ6353 .C33 2012 (Cervantes, Literature, and the Discourse of Politics by A. J. Cascardi)
  • History: Most books about history are in the D (world history), E (America and United States), and F (local United States, British America, Dutch America, French America, Latin America, Spanish America) sections. One example is F445.N4 T75 2002 (Trial and triumph: Essays in Tennessee's African American history by C. V. West)


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