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Accounting & Finance Research Guide: Find Sources

A research guide for accounting and finance subjects and courses

Books on Accounting and Finance

Looking for print books and prefer to browse the shelves? CSCC Library uses the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system to organize our books. The LCC system uses multiple layers of subject categories, as well as author information, and codes the information with letters and numbers. For more information, take a look at the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

  • Accounting: Most books about accounting are in the HF 5601-5689 and HG 1-9999 sections. One example is HF5636 .N629 2014 (Accounting: A Very Short Introduction by C. Nobes)
  • Finance: Most books about finance are in the HG section. One example is HG171 .S52 2012 (Finance and the Good Society by R. J. Shiller)
  • Taxes: Most books about taxes are in the KF 6200-6800 section. One example is KF6289 .J87 2000 (Tax Reform: A Reference Handbook by J. Jurinski)


Here's a link to the complete list of Columba State Library's databases:

Some options for accounting and finance databases are:

Online Sources

General accounting sites, including reference sites.

Accounting-related associations and organizations.


Standards & Advisory Boards

General finance sites, including reference sites.

Finance-related associations and organizations.

Alternative search engines. Useful for locating specific types of sources.

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